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1291RE / 1292RE - Guy Arab LUF chassis with Willowbrook Viking C41F coach body


1291RE / 1292RE




Guy Arab LUF chassis with Willowbrook Viking C41F coach body


Harper Brothers (Heath Hayes) 57 and 58


To be restored to Harper Bros\' green and cream

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These vehicles are not on site at Aldridge.
In 1959, the much-loved local operator Harper Bros., who also had a garage in Aldridge, purchased the last four Guy Arab LUF chassis to be sold, and had two fitted with Burlingham Seagull coach bodies, two with Willowbrook Viking coach bodies. Amazingly, all four still exist and in 2105, the museum acquired the two Willowbrook examples. After service with Harpers, 57 and 58 moved to Northern Ireland and subsequently to the Irish Republic. Their final Irish owner, who had started and abandoned restoration, shipped them to the UK and donated them to the museum. Work has started on 1291RE, but it will be some years before it once again graces the roads of South Staffordshire; once 1291RE is complete, 1292RE will be considered for restoration, probably not by the museum itself.